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Keeping Safety Front and Center

Ensuring Safety at Every Step with our Comprehensive Safety Solutions

At GBC Facility Services, safety is not just a priority; it is ingrained in who we are. Our commitment extends to everyone in your facility, visitors, and the community. Our Environment, Health, and Safety team ensures our workforce is well-prepared, delivering services with safety as a top priority.”

Empowering Our Team for a Secure Environment

Empowering Our Team for a Secure Environment

SDS Sheets readily available in case of emergency, available eyewash stations as per code

WHMIS Certified:

Handling Hazardous Materials

Preventing Slips and Trips:

Mitigating risks associated with accidents.

Emergency Preparedness:

Addressing physical hazards and fire safety.

Electrical Safety Measures:

Ensuring a secure electrical environment.

Machine and Equipment Safety:

Guidelines for safe operation.

Taking Vigilant Safety Measures

Our safety protocols are structured to encompass all aspects of your environment. Our commitment to safety is reflected in comprehensive measures, ensuring the well-being of both people and surroundings.

Safety Focus Areas:

Power & Hand Tool Inspection:

Rigorous checks for secure tool usage.

First Aid Preparedness:

Equipping teams for immediate response.

Enhanced Physical Security:

Implementing measures to safeguard premises.

Asset Security Protocols:

Strategies to protect valuable assets.

Organized Material Storage:

Safe practices for material storage.

Tailored Safety Solutions:

Addressing specific safety concerns proactively.

Partnering for a Safer Future

As a leading professional cleaning partner, we stand committed to prioritizing health, safety, sustainability, and the preservation of your facility’s assets.
 Reach out to us today to explore our safety-centric approach and how we can contribute to a secure environment.

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