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Retail spaces face the challenge of maintaining cleanliness and creating a positive atmosphere for their visitors. Our high-quality cleaning programs are designed to alleviate these concerns, ensuring your retail establishment always presents a world-class image and provides a positive experience for your customers


Our Retail Services Offer

Innovative Cleaning Programs

Our high-quality and innovative cleaning programs are tailored to elevate the image of your retail space and work on a custom scope of work for added less frequent services.

Maintenance Service

Elevate the upkeep of your dispersed retail portfolios with our efficient preventive maintenance service. Our expert technicians, guided by a meticulous questionnaire, ensure thorough inspections and prompt resolution of any identified issues, upholding operational excellence.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, our arsenal includes robotic cleaning machines, electric mops, high-traffic monitors, restroom consumable monitors, and a sophisticated GBC staff location monitoring system. This system meticulously tracks the duration a technician spends cleaning specific areas, enhancing precision and efficiency.

Great Experience

Making Sure the Visiting Public Has a Great Experience

At GBC Facility Services, we understand the challenge of maintaining consistently high facilities standards across dispersed retail portfolios. Our service is designed to efficiently support such portfolios with highly trained technicians on a consistent schedule with monthly, quarterly and annual preventive maintenance plan.
For larger retail facilities, we employ state-of-the-art technology like robotics to clean expansive floor spaces efficiently and electric mops for smaller areas. In high-traffic facilities like shopping malls, sensors alert us when attention is needed in specific areas, allowing our staff to be in the right place at the right time, serving as ambassadors for a positive experience to the visiting public.

Why Choose Us

Positive Visitor Experience

Our team serves as ambassadors for a positive experience to the visiting public, maintaining professional appearance standards across retail establishments.

Quality Leadership

Rely on our team, comprising shift leaders, site managers, area managers, HR professionals, training experts, and executive leadership, to fine-tune your processes, analyze data, and enhance operations as necessary.

Dependable Team

The presence of available staff to step in when employees are absent due to sickness or when additional support is needed is vital for operational success.

dedication to excellence

Elevate Your Commercial Facility

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