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Overnight Cleaning Services in Toronto

The cleanliness of your office, or other commercial space, is paramount. Having a clean and sanitary environment tells your clients and staff that you are not only professional, but care about maintaining a healthy working environment. However, some companies find that traditional day-time janitorial services can be disruptive or even distracting to daily business operations. This is why we proudly offer overnight cleaning services in Toronto!


Our overnight janitorial services are tailored to your specific cleaning needs. Whether you need a basic dust and vacuum cleaning, or you need speciality overnight cleaning services like floor waxing, our janitorial team is here to meet your requirements and surpass your expectations. Contact us today and let us show you why we are the preferred cleaning company for Toronto businesses!


Overnight Janitorial Services

Nothing beats the feeling of walking into a clean office in the morning. Enabling your workers to start their day without having to worry about a messy environment, overnight cleaning services can have an excellent impact on the overall productivity of your business.

 In fact, the power of overnight janitorial services is so profound that it can increase employee satisfaction, create a welcoming atmosphere for guests, and provide a healthier space for anyone that comes into contact with your business or building–all while avoiding the distractions that day janitorial services can have! 

But what do overnight cleaning services include? In short, overnight cleaning services pertain to all the same janitorial services that can be performed during the day, such as: 

  • Bathroom Cleaning 
  • Mopping & Vacuuming 
  • Dusting 
  • Furniture Polishing 
  • Window & Mirror Washing 
  • Trash Disposal Services 
  • Surface Disinfection
  • Handyman Services 
  • Carpet Cleaning 
  • Striping & Floor Waxing 
  • Detailed Cleaning, and more!

Best Cleaning Company in Toronto

At GBC Facility Services we are recognized as the best cleaning company in Toronto. Armed with the skills, training, and resources needed to scrub your space spotless, our janitorial team provides unparalleled overnight janitorial services that you can rely on. Whether you have a mom and pop shop, or you operate a large commercial building, we work with you to create a concise cleaning plan that is tailored to your specific needs and requirements. 

From trash removal, carpet cleaning, bathroom cleaning, waxing, and more, we meet your facility’s specific needs with efficient and unobtrusive overnight janitorial services. Get in touch with us today to talk with our janitorial team about your overnight cleaning needs and see for yourself why we are the preferred cleaning company in the area!

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