GBC Facility Services

Janitorial Services for Toronto Schools

Your students should feel safe and comfortable in your school's facilities, which is why hiring a professional for janitorial cleaning is a must. Not only does professional janitorial cleaning ensure that your school, university, or other learning centre is pristine and sanitary, but professional janitorial services understand the importance of complying with strict cleaning standards for educational facilities, meaning, no corners will get cut.

 If you are looking for the best service for janitorial cleaning in Toronto, then look no further.


At GBC Facility Services we proudly offer unparalleled janitorial services to learning institutions throughout Toronto. Equipped with the tools, expertise, and green cleaning products needed to promote a healthy and sterile environment, we enable your students to learn in a safe environment free of toxins and/or harmful bacterias. Get in touch with us today to see why we are considered the best service for janitorial cleaning in Toronto! 


School Janitorial Services

We understand that your school’s cleaning needs are ever-evolving, which is why we offer custom janitorial services for facilities of all sizes.

Whether you have extensive cleaning needs or you are not quite ready for a full-service provider, we keep our janitorial services flexible so you can receive the proper amount of janitorial care based on your educational facility’s specific demands. 

Based on your unique cleaning requirements, our janitorial services may include a combination of the following: 

  • Heavy-Duty Carpet Cleaning 
  • Hard Floor Cleaning, Stripping, and Waxing
  • Daycare Cleaning 
  • Private/Public School Cleaning 
  • Night Cleaning Services 
  • Day Porter Services 
  • Special Event Cleaning 
  • Emergency Cleaning Services 
  • Lunchroom Facility Cleaning 
  • Gymnasium Sanitization
  • University Cleaning 
  • Locker Room Cleaning 
  • Bathroom Facility Cleaning 
  • Office Cleaning, and more!

Janitorial Cleaning for Schools in Toronto

At GBC Facility Services we comply with strict cleaning standards for schools and other learning institutions. With a team of skilled professionals in our corner, we disinfect and polish your facility clean to prevent the spread of toxin or harmful bacterias that are unsafe for your staff and students. From night classroom cleaning, day porter services, gymnasium disinfection, and more, we cover all the areas of your educational facility to ensure that spaces uphold the highest standards of cleanliness. We even offer maintenance services to meet your school’s demanding maintenance needs. 

Whatever the want or need, our janitorial team is here to meet your requirements and surpass your expectations through professional janitorial services. Get in touch with our janitorial team today to chat about your facility’s cleaning needs and see exactly why we are the preferred service for janitorial cleaning in Toronto.