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Healthy Buildings In The Covid-19 Environment

Healthy buildings and clean facilities are essential during this time of the Covid-19 pandemic.

As we return to our places of work, we all share concerns about the health of our indoor facilities.

How many people touch the same door handle every day? How many people push the elevator buttons? Did someone cough in the hallway? Did someone sneeze in the common meeting room?

Health authorities say the best defense to keeping the novel coronavirus out of our homes, schools, or places of work is proper cleaning and hygiene. 

Role of facility managers during Covid-19

The role of a facility manager is to make sure cleaning and the surrounding environment in their buildings meet the needs of the people who work in them.

During Covid-19, facility managers must take extra precautions to keep facilities hygienic and disinfected.

The CDC recommends more frequent cleaning and disinfection especially in public places with high touch surfaces.

GBC Facility Services proposes three key tips for a successful back-to-work routine in the post-Covid-19 environment at your facility:

  • Make a list of who is returning to the facility: Identify where they will work and when, so that you can keep the workspace clean and disinfected.
  • Intensify cleaning, disinfection, and ventilation at the facility: The CDC has published guidelines for maintenance upkeep during this pandemic. A professional facility services maintenance company can help protect your facility from potential contamination.
  • Implement social distancing regulations: Reconfigure workstations to keep people >6FT apart and inform your maintenance services of who is working where so they can ensure sanitization procedures.

Certified healthy buildings

A facility can achieve a healthy building certification from third-party organizations that offer evidence-based, verified ratings on operational guidelines, maintenance protocols and emergency plans.

When a facility is certified as a healthy building, it gives visitors a sense of comfort in knowing that the building or indoors area will not compromise their health and wellness.

GBC Facility Services recommends these healthy building practices to look out for:

  • Indoor air quality: A regular cleaning routine of indoor air quality filters in building heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems is a top priority when it comes to infectious disease transmission. Filters must be properly maintained and cleaned to keep recirculated air clean.
  • Clean water fountains: The CDC recommends that all decorative water fountains and coolers be disinfected and refilled. 
  • Cleaning and disinfecting practices: Healthy buildings have trained maintenance staff, more frequent cleaning schedules, and use green cleaning products.
  • Pest management procedures: Low-hazard pesticides for use in monitoring and pest control solutions

We all want to feel good about returning to work. At GBC Facility Services, we are here to help you deal with the novel coronavirus and keep your janitorial services and maintenance upkeep, in accordance with CDC recommendations

GBC Facility Services welcomes clients throughout the United States and Canada, offering a wide array of cleaning services, from janitorial to deep cleaning to maintenance. We developed our proprietary software to guarantee top cleaning and maintenance standards consistently. We pride ourselves on being able to correct any issues in real time. Our clients have access to service tracking and audits, which gives them the ability to have all the information needed without even making a phone call.

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