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Ensuring Cleanliness For Your Distribution Center

Our dedication to excellence is showcased through employing innovative and science-backed solutions to meet the unique cleaning needs of food service environments.


Cleaning Solutions Tailored for Your Distribution Centers

Routine Cleaning

GBC provide thorough cleanliness through the strategic division of each shift into specific sections, assigning dedicated cleaners to various warehouse areas. Responsibilities encompass garbage collection, dust mopping, cleaning between pallets, eliminating webs in corners, and designated technicians conducting auto scrubbing throughout the entire shift

Handling Damaged and Orphaned Goods

In order to minimize disruptions for pickers and stockers, damaged and orphaned goods are efficiently collected at the start of each shift, ensuring a well-organized workspace.

Slot Cleaning

During overnight hours, when traffic is minimal, slot cleaning entails the removal of entire pallets, thorough cleaning of the area, and a repeated process to uphold optimal cleanliness standards

Spill Cleanup

GBC's responsive and well-organized staff promptly addresses spills, efficiently restoring affected warehouse areas to normalcy without causing delays.

Preventing Cross Contamination

In FDA-certified food distribution warehouses, the prevention of cross-contamination is of utmost importance. GBC meticulously assigns cleaning tools to specific areas, thereby reducing the risk of cross-contamination and ensuring strict compliance with food safety standards

Detailed Statement of Work

Our comprehensive paperwork and reporting system meticulously document daily activities, offering you transparent insights into the cleaning processes and their outcomes.

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Your Trusted Partner in Maintaining Exceptional Cleanliness

Navigating sanitation challenges in distribution centers requires a reliable team. GBC stands out with a robust site leadership structure, including team leaders, a site manager, and floating staff. Our flexible approach ensures seamless operations, even in instances of staff absence or special visits, providing the extra hands you need for exceptional cleanliness.

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