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Coworking Spaces In The Time Of Covid-19

Coworking spaces in these times of the COVID-19 pandemic can still be attractive for many companies. It is up to coworking providers to take into account concerns around safety and add new health measures to keep this flexible and affordable option of coworking a viable option for companies.

Health concerns about the spread of the novel coronavirus are real. Coworking providers must make COVID-19 health safety their top priority.

The financial flexibility of coworking for solo entrepreneurs and small startups is what makes coworking a great option. For more established businesses, using coworking spaces can still be a great option when an infrequent conference room is needed.  

GBC Facility Services recommends these tips for keeping coworking spaces open and safe during the pandemic:


Healthy and Safe Coworking Spaces During COVID-19

The coworking space can endure despite new hygiene regulations during the COVID-19 pandemic. To keep coworking spaces healthy during this time of COVID-19, coworking providers must reconfigure and introduce new health measures. 

Coworking providers should instate:

  • Visible Maintenance: More frequent and visible cleaning, to give clients peace of mind
  • New HVAC Protocols: Open windows where possible and install proper air filtration
  • Extra Disinfection: Enhance visible disinfecting, in accordance with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization
  • Access To Hygiene Products: Easy access to hand sanitizer, gloves, and wipes to help reduce viral transmission
  • Touchless Fixtures: Reduce touch points of high-touch surfaces to prevent germ transmission


Keeping A Distance In Coworking Spaces 

Working from home is not as easy as it seems. Coworking options can help combat loneliness and endorse a better work/life balance. When coworking providers work together as a team and show customers that their safety is the goal, shared office spaces can still attract business. 

GBC Facility Services recommends these tips to demonstrate commitment to occupant wellness:

  • Add stickers and signs to promote social distancing measures
  • Reduce density and capacity in common areas
  • Screen everyone who enters the building
  • Add physical barriers to separate spaces in open areas
  • Encourage people use the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Limit foot traffic in hallways and elevators by staggering work hours


The Way Forward Includes Better Cleaning And Disinfection

We all want to feel safe when entering a coworking environment. Professional coronavirus cleaning and disinfection services are essential to all facilities catering to the public. 

Coworking providers cab foster occupant wellness and alleviate safety concerns.

See our 6-Point Re-Entry Guidelines for general references to help keep your cleaning staff, employees, and customers as safe as possible. 

At GBC Facility Services, we are here to help you deal with the novel coronavirus and keep your janitorial services and maintenance upkeep, in accordance with CDC recommendations.

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