GBC Facility Services


Coronavirus Cleaning and Disinfection Services

GBC Facility Services puts your facility maintenance needs first and uses special measures to clean and disinfect during the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. We have years of deep cleaning expertise and understand the importance of providing a clean and safe environment to help reduce the risk of infection, in accordance with CDC guidelines. UNICEF reports that the best defense to keeping the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and Covid-19 disease out of your home, school, or place of work is proper cleaning and hygiene. Today, more than ever, professional coronavirus cleaning and disinfection services are essential to all facilities catering to the public. After all, the health and safety of your facility affects you, your family, your employees, your clients and the public-at-large.

Don’t take a chance with do-it-your-self cleaning procedures. GBC Facility Services offers cleaning and disinfection according to regulatory requirements. Let us help protect your facility from potential contamination.

Covid-19 Cleaning Checklist

It only takes a few hours for someone to touch an infected surface and unknowingly spread the virus around a facility. That is why we give extra attention to cleaning high-touch surfaces, such as light switches, phones, door handles and faucets, even if they are not visibly dirty.

  • Clean and disinfect all common areas and shared electronic equipment, with a focus on frequently touched surfaces.
  • Decontamination procedures to control and prevent spread of infections.
  • Professional cleaning services for hard (non-porous) surfaces and soft (porous) surfaces, according to CDC cleaning guidelines.
  • Use of Certified Green Seal and EPA-approved disinfectants and antimicrobial products
  • Applying industry-appropriate techniques for commercial cleaning solutions.

Fully Trained to Tackle Coronavirus Hygiene

GBC Facility Services trains its staff to meet the highest standards of cleaning in all facilities — businesses, hotels, educational institutions, multi-family buildings, shopping malls, and healthcare centers. We are working on the front line of hygiene during this pandemic to keep your facility clean, safe, and welcoming.

  • Safety first. Always.
  • Professional cleaning staff wear PPE (personal protective equipment) for all tasks during the cleaning process.
  • Implementation of new safety procedures and public health recommendations to help prevent spread of infections. Our training and development procedures are revised to meet the up-to-date guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO). 
  • Our professionals are trained to perform a proactive cleanup and will go above and beyond standard janitorial services.
  • Hands-on training according to HIPAA requirements.

GBC Facility Services welcomes clients throughout the United States and Canada, offering a wide array of cleaning services, from janitorial to deep cleaning to maintenance. We developed our proprietary software to guarantee top cleaning and maintenance standards consistently. We pride ourselves on being able to correct any issues in real time. Our clients have access to service tracking and audits, which gives them the ability to have all the information needed without even making a phone call.

Give our expert service team a call today so we can help you make your facility a cleaner, healthier, more productive and welcoming environment.