GBC Facility Services

Floor Maintenance, Carpet Cleaning Services & Machine Scrubbing for Your Business

Whether you know it or not, flooring is an important aspect of any commercial environment, but it can be extremely challenging to keep floors clean and polished, especially in high-traffic commercial areas.

What’s our advice for keeping floors clean? Quit trying to do it yourself and let the professionals take over floor maintenance for your business–we promise you that you will not regret it! 

At GBC Facility Services, we are proud to offer commercial floor maintenance to businesses throughout Ontario and surrounding areas. With options in machine scrubbing, carpet cleaning services, and other floor maintenance services, we are equipped with the tools and technologies needed to clean nearly any type of commercial flooring. Contact us to chat with our team about floor maintenance for your business! 


Carpet Cleaning Services

Ensuring that your commercial carpets are clean and sanitary is of the utmost importance. Not only do clean carpets look fantastic and send a positive message to your employees and visitors, but clean carpets contribute to a healthy indoor air environment by reducing allergens and debris. 

Our carpet cleaning service is designed to keep your commercial carpets clean year-round. Here’s what our commercial carpet cleaning service includes: 

Carpet Maintenance

Our carpet maintenance plans not only keep your carpets clean, but help to prevent carpet damages caused by neglect or poor maintenance. 

Deep Carpet Cleaning

We restore your floors to their original state with deep carpet cleaning services–there is no carpet job we can’t handle! 

Machine Scrubbing 

Our machine scrubbing services reverse normal wear-and-tear of your flooring by removing scratches and restoring a health shine. It does not matter how much foot traffic your floors receive, we have the tools needed to effectively clean your floors through machine scrubbing. Here’s why our clients choose our machine scrubbing services: 

  • Less Dry Time
  • Improved Cleaning Proficiency 
  • Simpler Cleaning Process 
  • Restored Shine & Lustre 
  • Immediate Results 

Commercial Floor Maintenance

There is no one golden standard for cleaning commercial flooring. With so many different types of flooring out there, each commercial space requires special attention and treatments to ensure that flooring is cleaned and maintained effectively. 

Whether you require deep carpet cleaning to remove dirt and debris, hardwood floor maintenance to remove scratches, or machine scrubbing to restore lustre to your tiles, we meet your needs with consistent floor maintenance services that ensure the beauty of your flooring all four seasons of the year. Contact us today to learn more about our personalised commercial floor maintenance services for your building or business.