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Best Ways To Clean Commercial Floors

If it has been a while since your last commercial floor cleaning in Toronto then it may be time to consider calling a commercial cleaning company to get the job done. Dirty flooring reflects poorly on your company. Whether your carpets are building up dust or your tile flooring needs a shine, it is important that you maintain cleaning and sanitary flooring–failure to do so is a health concern! 

If you want to get in a quick floor cleaning before calling on a commercial cleaning company, then check out these brief guides to carpet and tile commercial floor cleaning: 

Carpet Floor Cleaning


Before you can get down and dirty you need to thoroughly vacuum your floors to remove debris. 

Treat Stains

Carpet stains are common, even in the workplace. Using appropriate carpet stain removal techniques, not just blot cleaning, can help to extract stains for commercial carpet flooring. 

Clean With a Machine

 Successful carpet cleaning can be achieved with the right technology. Carpet cleaners work in three simple steps: laying carpet cleaning solution, rinsing carpet, and extracting moisture thoroughly. Note that this process may be repeated several times for optimal results. 


After the cleaning process is complete, you must dry your carpets to complete the carpet cleaning process. 

While an adequate level of carpet cleaning may be achieved, hiring a commercial cleaning company ensures best results. 

Tile Floor Cleaning 


First thing is first, you must remove loose dirt and debris by vacuuming or sweeping your tile floors. 

Make a Solution: 

Fill a bucket with hot water, half a cup of vinegar, and half a tablespoon of dish soap. Make sure that you don’t add too much soap, as it can leave tiles looking dull. 


Mop your floors thoroughly with a clean mop head to remove dirt and residue. 


Once your floors have been mopped, allow them to air dry OR run a towel over them to prevent water spots. 

Best Commercial Cleaning Company And Service For Building Maintenance In Toronto

While DIY tile floor cleaning may be achieved, hiring a commercial cleaning company can help to ensure best results. 

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