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Benefits of Preventive Maintenance Services

Maintaining your commercial building is key to ensuring years of reliable use. But you should not wait until the last minute to fix issues. 

Through preventative building maintenance you can enjoy maximum utility of your assets and ultimately decrease costs by staying ahead of potential building issues that require costly repairs.

By preventing damage from occurring in the first place through preventative maintenance, you can enjoy these five benefits: 

  1. Savings– Perhaps the most prominent benefit of preventative maintenance is long-term savings. On average companies maintain a cost of 3% of the replacement costs of an asset by simply investing in professional, preventative maintenance.
  2. Increased Safety– When you invest in professional building maintenance you reduce the likelihood of catastrophic failures that can compromise the integrity of your building’s/business’ occupants. Failure to properly maintain your commercial space may also result in unwanted lawsuits, serious injury, or even death.
  3. Equipment Longevity– Running your equipment into the ground starts with failure to properly maintain said equipment. When you invest in regular, preventive maintenance you can prolong equipment/technology use which can ultimately save you money on costly replacements. 
  4. Reduced Disruptions– If certain technology or equipment fails it can bring business productivity to a complete halt. But when you invest in preventative maintenance you can catch issues early-on and address them before they cause any recordable downtime.
  5. Budgeting– Believe it or not, preventive maintenance is key to budgeting. With most repairs being planned in advance you can get a good idea of expected expenses with minimised risks of unexpected and costly replacements/repairs. 

There are many benefits of preventive building maintenance! If you are looking for a professional building maintenance company to help you keep your building in tip-top shape then we are here to help! 

At GBC Facility Services we ensure the integrity of your commercial space through professional preventative maintenance services. Sticking to a concise maintenance schedule, we minimise the risk of emergency maintenance so you can have peace of mind knowing that your office or building is fortified and safe for occupation. 

Our preventive maintenance technicians utilise Simpro Field Services management software to not only keep on top of needed maintenance but provide itemised quotes on parts and labour so there are no surprises during the inspections/ maintenance process.

Need help with commercial cleaning in Toronto, ON or the surrounding areas? We do that too! Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive solutions to keep your building maintained and clean 365 days a year!