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Benefits of Green Cleaning

When you search your browser for the best cleaning company near me, are you really looking at what products those companies are using?

Calling up the first commercial cleaning company in Toronto that you see may seem convenient, but if that company is not using green cleaning products, then you are not only putting your business at risk, but the environment as a whole. 

So the next time you search for the best cleaning company near me, make sure that you’re doing all your research! 

Eco-friendly companies that rely on green cleaning are not only helping the environment, but maintaining the safety of their workspace. Unlike chemical-based cleaning products, green cleaning products are made from natural and hygienic materials that are safe not only for workers, but pets, and even children! 

If you have not made the switch to green cleaning products, or found a commercial cleaning company in Toronto that uses eco-friendly materials, then we highly recommend that you do, and here is why: 

  • Improved Air Quality– Old-school cleaning products disperse harmful chemicals into your indoor air environment. By making the switch to pollution-free green products you can keep your indoor air environment healthy and minimise your impact on ozone depletion. 
  • Fewer Antibacterials– Did you know that frequent use of antibacterials can build resistance? Some antibacterials are also known to negatively impact the thyroid and hormones. When hiring a cleaning company that uses green products you are not only helping the environment, but preserving biological health. 
  • Knowledge– There is no greater benefit of using green cleaning products than knowledge. Not only are you aware of what is being dispersed into your indoor air environment, but with green cleaning products you understand their impact, or lack thereof, on the environment as well. 

Toronto’s Number One Choice For Green Cleaning

If you are surfing the internet for terms like, cleaning company near me, or the best commercial cleaning company Toronto, then look no further because you have found it! 

At GBC Facility Services we are Toronto’s number one choice for green cleaning in the area. With years of experience in public health and safety, our team of commercial cleaners has the tools and training needed to ensure the utmost cleanliness and health of indoor environments. 

As an ideal commercial cleaning company in Toronto for companies that take their environmental responsibility seriously, we ensure that all of our cleaning products are safe and effective. No more searching for the best cleaning company near me. Contact us today to chat with our team about why we are the preferred commercial cleaning company in Toronto, and the surrounding areas!