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A Beginner’s Guide to Kitchen Cleaning

If you own a restaurant or other business that is involved in hospitality or food service then you are already well aware of the strict codes and guidelines that are put in place to prevent cross-contamination. To ensure the optimal cleanliness of your space you must invest in professional commercial kitchen cleaning. 

Professional businesses that offer commercial cleaning in Toronto, ON have the skills, tools, and products required to thoroughly clean spaces and get them up to code. However, as a professional business you need to know a few things about commercial kitchen cleaning yourself in order to keep your kitchen sanitary. 

Use this brief beginners guide as a reference when cleaning your commercial kitchen:


Cleaning Equipment

Procuring the right supplies is key to ensuring the day-to-day cleanliness of your commercial kitchen space. To avoid cross-contamination and keep your kitchen spotless, you should invest in the following materials/tools: 

  • Hood Cleaning Tools
  • Floor Scrubber/Degreaser
  • Industrial Floor vacuum
  • Sponge Scourers 
  • Floor Cleaner
  • Surface Cleaners 
  • Grill Cleaning Tools
  • Cotton & Microfiber Cloths 
  • Sponge Scourers 

When purchasing materials it is important to invest in all-natural food-safe cleaning products to ensure the safety of your kitchen space, workers, and customers. 


Kitchen Cleaning Cheat-Sheet

Knowing that you need to keep your kitchen clean is common knowledge. But how often should you clean your space? Reference this cheat sheet as a guide: 

  • Countertops/Surfaces – After Each Use 
  • Kitchen Utensils – After Each Use 
  • Sinks – Throughout the Day 
  • Kitchen Floors – Every Day 
  • Ovens – Weekly 
  • Bins – Weekly
  • Refrigerators & Freezers – Monthly 
  • Ventilation Systems – Every 30 to 90 Days


Hire a Professional

At GBC Facility Services our team is versed in food-safety regulations and prepared to provide your restaurant with professional commercial kitchen cleaning. Serving commercial cleaning to Toronto restaurants and businesses both large and small, we ensure that your commercial kitchen is up-to-code and completely sanitary for your kitchen staff and customers. 

Using all-natural green cleaning products, we reduce the likelihood of kitchen contamination all while ensuring the optimal sanitization of your kitchen space. But we do not stop there! 

We proudly provide a wide range of solutions for commercial cleaning in Toronto. From office cleaning, day porter services, building maintenance, and more, we have got you covered from all angles. 

When it comes to commercial kitchen cleaning you can not take a chance! Contact our office today to learn more about commercial kitchen cleaning and other types of commercial cleaning for Toronto, ON and the surrounding areas.