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3 Professional Tips For Hard Floor Cleaning Processes

Proper protocols for hard surface cleaning during the Covid-19 pandemic will lower the risk of spreading infection. Professional hard floor cleaning and care is important all the time but especially crucial during this time of the global Covid-19 pandemic to lower the risks of spreading germs and possibly infection.

Take these lists to industry professionals that you trust and work together to maintain a schedule for floor cleaning and floor disinfecting. It may cost a little more but if floor cleaning is done wrong, it will end up costing a lot more.The floor is an essential surface even if it has little contact with the skin. Floors are basins for bacteria and viruses. We know that the novel coronavirus is a droplet-based virus and infected droplets will fall to the floor. So, facility managers must take precaution and regularly disinfect floor surfaces to make sure people do not track the virus infection through a building or complex.

There is a difference between cleaning to remove germs and disinfecting to kill germs on surfaces. We know the difference. Our specialists apply their expert training and knowledge of best-in-class cleaning practices to both clean and disinfect all floor surfaces.

Whether on a regular day or during the novel coronavirus, new challenges and new demands are constantly facing the floor care sector. There are labor shortages and absenteeism in the workforce, the need to avoid slips and falls, ensuring high-touchpoint disinfection and appearance levels, and keeping the whole process cost-effective.

Based on decades of expertise in the cleaning industry, we’ve put together a list of 3 professional tips for hard floor cleaning processes, especially during this time when cleaning and disinfecting can be key to a healthier environment:

1) Disinfecting floors during Covid-19

It may sound obvious, but it is important to remember to start cleaning surfaces that are higher up so that debris that falls to the floor will not cross-contaminate the floor surface.

Floors serve as a reservoir for droplets of bacteria and viruses. People’s shoes and laces, backpacks or briefcases, shopping carts and suitcases are all possible carriers of these infected droplets through a facility.

The novel coronavirus can be killed if you use the right products. Start with routine cleaning and then use EPA-approved disinfectants. It may sound silly but taking extra precautions can keep facilities hygienic and disinfected. Each disinfectant has its own contact time – so paying close attention is important. Moreover, make sure the floor stays wet for long enough for the disinfectant to work before scrubbing or squeegeeing the floor.

Frequent disinfection of floor surfaces can help keep the virus that causes Covid-19 away.

2) Floorcare according to budget

Now is not the time to settle for second best. Facility managers should hire industry professionals only.

Make lists of challenges your facility faces. Example lists:

  • Public health regulations
  • Budget requirements
  • Custodial teams and training needs
  • Sustainability goals
  • Employee wellness 

Take these lists to industry professionals that you trust and work together to maintain a schedule for floor cleaning and floor disinfecting. It may cost a little more but if floor cleaning is done wrong, it will end up costing a lot more.

3) Identifying the type of floor

Luxury vinyl tiles can make it look like your floor is wood when it is ceramic.

Never assume that VCT (vinyl composite tile) flooring is used in facilities. That is old news.

Guessing is one way to find out what type of hard surface floor is installed. But if you guess wrong, you could cause damage to the hard floor surface with certain chemicals, strippers, cleaners, or finishes.

Industry professionals are trained to look for indications that help identify floor types. Professional cleaners will know that 90% of dirt on the floor is surface dirt (dust or contaminants), and will be able to identify which chemical, process, and equipment to use to keep your floor surfaces clean and disinfected.

In summary, clean flooring has always been important. During Covid-19, companies that keep their facilities clean and disinfected will add to their brand value.

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